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San Francisco Bay Coffee OneCup Decaf French Roast

We take a blend of fine coffees from Central and South America and roast it very dark until the flavor oils rise to the surface of the bean. Our Decaf French Roast is a smoky, intense cup. It's the French Roast you love without the caffeinated punch!

French Roast: One of our most popular, the “West Coast Roast”. Roasted past the pop and sizzle, until the beans are very dark brown and very oily. Intense coffee and smoky flavors.




One of our most popular roasts! Our Decaf French Roast coffee is a full bodied, dark roast from Central and South America. Expect tasting notes of Dark Chocolate and Cinnamon with a delicious Smoky Finish.

Cupping Notes: Rich Dark Chocolate, Toasted Cinnamon, Full-bodied, Smoky Finish

Roast Level: Dark

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