Breakfast Blend OneCup Coffee Pods


Breakfast Blend is our most popular Central and South American beans perfectly blended to yield a delicious, satisfying coffee to look forward to in the morning.

Regular (Full-City): Our standard roast. Develops the beans to their fullest flavor point. Full-bodied, slightly sweet, well-rounded.



San Francisco Bay Coffee OneCup Breakfast Blend

Our Breakfast Blend is a medium roast and is made up of our most popular Central American coffee beans. This roast has notes of Toffee and Milk Chocolate with hints of Sweet Mandarin. This lively and sweet blend gives a smooth finish, making it the perfect cup of coffee to start any morning.

Cupping Notes: Toffee, Milk Chocolate, Sweet Mandarin, Smooth Finish

Roast Level: Medium / Light

When you’re finished with these pods, these pods aren’t finished. Single-serve coffee pods are convenient. However, most are made of plastic that adds to the growing problem of plastic waste buried in our earth and floating in our oceans. As a producer of single-serve pods, we feel an obligation to invest our time, money and resources into finding a better way. So, we created our OneCup coffee pods made entirely from plant-based commercially compostable materials. Visit our compostable FAQ page for more information. San Francisco Bay Coffee OneCup – From pod to sod.

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